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The Farm Business Survey provides information on the physical and economic performance of farm businesses in England, to inform policy decisions on matters affecting farm businesses. It is intended to serve the needs of government, government partners, farming and land management interest groups, and researchers. For the fully styled and burger-menu page flow see @FarmSurveyUK /benchmarking.

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More information on the Farm Business Survey.About the Farm Business Survey and FBS Internet Reports
Farm Benchmarking - Benchmark the financial performance (Gross Margins, Farm Profit, Etc) of your farm against average and top performing businesses. With Projections of future costs, margins and income for your farm business.Farm Benchmarking
Region Reports - Detailed performance summaries for individual regions and sectors.www.farmbusinesssurvey.co.uk/regional/index.asp
Data Builder - A specialist tool for professionals and researchers allowing direct interrogation of the FBS dataset.www.farmbusinesssurvey.co.uk/DataBuilder
Workshops, and presentations - for farmers, professionals and lecturers.Outreach and Farm Workshops - from Rural Business Research
Learning Resources - Teaching materials - for farmers, professionals and lecturers.Resources for lecturers and students on farm business management and accounting
Enterprise Reports - Sector specific reports containing detailed analysis and interpretation of FBS data, published by Rural Business Research. (External site)www.ruralbusinessresearch.co.uk/publications
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