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What is the Farm Business Survey?

The Farm Business Survey provides information on the physical and economic performance of farm businesses in England and Wales, to inform policy decisions on matters affecting farm businesses. It is intended to serve the needs of government, government partners, farming and land management interest groups, and researchers.

The Farm Business Survey is an annual survey commissioned by the government under which a range of management accounting information on all aspects of farmer's and grower's businesses is collected. The survey uses a sample of farms that is representative of the national population of farms in terms of farm type, farm size and regional location.

How many farms are involved?

Over 2,300 farm businesses in England and Wales take part in the FBS survey each year.

Are the results confidential?

Yes. Details of individual farms are not published. Participating farms are not identifiable (by name or place) and minimum sample sizes prevent extraction of individual farm data. Additionally, data will never be released to anyone outside Promar International without prior written consent.

Who is behind the Farm Business Survey?

Promar International carries out the Farm Business Survey in England.

In Wales, the Farm Business Survey is undertaken by Aberystwyth University on behalf of, and financed by, the Welsh Assembly Government.

These reports include data collected in the Farm Business Survey. In England the Farm Business Survey is conducted on behalf of, and financed by, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the data collected in it are Crown Copyright. You may re-use this information free of charge under the terms of the Open Government Licence v.3.

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Most Recent Developments:

  • Feb-2023 Farm Business Survey Internet Reports
    - (all of this site published for DEFRA) -
    taken over on 10th February 2023 by Promar International
  • Jan-2023 Published FBS Region Reports for England 2021/22
    - most recent results (regional reports for England only)

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Farm Benchmarking

Compare the financial performance of your farm to similar and top performing farms here:

Gross Margins (Crops or Livestock) Profit and Loss Account Balance Sheets (Assets & Liabilites) Performance Ratios

Why Should I Benchmark?

Benchmarking helps you to compare your business to farms that are similar to yours. Our researchers visit over 2000 farms every year and the data provided here is the most comprehensive of it's kind in the UK. You can compare your farm with average or top performing businesses from the Farm Business Survey.

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If you would like to know more about the Farm Business Survey, please contact your nearest Centre Manager at Promar International.