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FBS farm business benchmarking

This benchmarking system allows you to compare the financial performance of your business to the performance of average and top performing farms of the same farm type. The system allows you to compare your profit and loss account, gross margins, balance sheet and performance measures.

You can quickly compare results for your farm with results from the Farm Business Survey. To go directly to the comparisons, please select a category of results from the menu above (eg Farm profitability)

Why should I use Farm Business Benchmarking Online?

It will enable you to compare financial data for your business with farms that are similar to yours. You can compare the results for your business with average or above average performance in the Farm Business Survey.

What is the Farm Business Survey?

The Farm Business Survey provides information on the physical and economic performance of farm businesses in England, to inform policy decisions on matters affecting farm businesses. It is intended to serve the needs of government, government partners, farming and land management interest groups, and researchers.

The Farm Business Survey is an annual survey commissioned by the government under which a range of management accounting information on all aspects of farmer's and grower's businesses is collected. The survey uses a sample of farms that is representative of the national population of farms in terms of farm type, farm size and regional location.

The Rural Business Unit, University of Cambridge maintains and publishes FBS Farm Business Benchmarking.

Rural Business Research - a consortium of six University Research Centres - carries out the Farm Business Survey in England. Click the logos for more information.

This report includes data collected in the Farm Business Survey. In England the Farm Business Survey is conducted on behalf of, and financed by, the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs and the data collected in it are Crown Copyright.

In Wales, the Farm Business Survey is undertaken by Aberystwyth University on behalf of, and financed by, the Welsh Assembly Government.